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A is for Anti-Acne

Anti Acne Range Group Shot 2Our Anti-acne gel is proving so popular as it contains salicylic acid from Willow Bark, not a synthetic version. We combine this with Aloe Vera in our  Anti-acne gel to soothe the inflammation.

 A quote from ‘ Cosmetic Ingredients that Actually Work’
By Perry Romanowski, Industry Expert

Salicylic acid – Helps speed up disappearance of acne
If you have acne, this compound is proven to help get rid of it. In the U.S., it is considered OTC (over-the-counter drug), because when something can get rid of a disease, it is no longer a cosmetic but rather a drug. In the U.S., anyway. Salicylic acid (EU) helps clean pores and speeds up removal of the dead skin cells in the epidermal layer. There are other actives that work against acne but salicylic acid is the most versatile.


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