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Skincare Questions and Answers

We receive so many questions from our customers, both old and new and because of this we have tried to sort out some of the confusion surrounding organic and natural cosmetics, and indeed skin care in general.

There are many myths and misunderstandings about basic skin health – we hope our questions & answers help create a ‘one stop’ answer place for your questions.

Of course some of these answers are biased, because we are totally passionate about using natural and organic products in our skincare – also those that are kind to the planet and not tested on animals.

Some websites will tell you there is no proof that natural is better, they need to do more research. Who would throw a cocktail of chemicals down their throat? So don’t put a cocktail of chemicals on your skin either. Remember, what you put on your skin, the largest organ of your body, goes into your body. This is why skin patches work so well.

Great skin is possible. Healthy glowing skin comes from the inside as well as the outside. You all know that diet, exercise and fresh air is important as well as good topical skincare. We hope to help you achieve this in a simple and realistic way.

It is not just creams – there are also so many new gadgets out there. Handheld machines that will exfoliate, or massage, or ‘spot remove’. We obviously can’t go into every thing that is on the market, but we will try to keep it updated as and when new fashions and crazes appear.

If there is anything we have left out that you really want the answer to; do let us know by emailing the Team here at:

We hope you enjoy our tips and advice!

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