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My skin often gets red and reacts to various creams, what should I avoid?

If you have sensitive skin (or even if you don't) there are many ingredients in skin care that can cause adverse reactions. If your reaction is severe or persistent then always seek your doctor's advice.

For a useful list of ingredients that you may wish to avoid, have a read of our blog on the topic. Generally it is best to avoid products which use synthetic chemicals, especially those containing harsh preservatives.  Also avoid soap, use a gentle natural cleanser instead and opt for  shampoos which are free from sulphates (SLES and  SLS). Be careful of the washing powder you use and other cleaning products around the house.  Go green and use ecologically friendly materials.  This will help the planet as well as your skin!

Choosing genuinely natural and organic skin and personal care products should help. Of course, anyone can be sensitive to any ingredient, so if you frequently have problems then allergy testing may be worth considering so that you can identify individual ingredients to avoid. Ask your doctor for a referral.

If you do develop redness and a reaction after putting a product on your skin, then stop using all products for a few days until your skin has calmed down. By re-introducing products one at a time you may be able to identify which product(s) are causing you problems and can then eliminate them from your skincare regime.

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