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My skin is irritated and itchy, what is the cause?

Irritated, itchy skin can have any number of causes from heat rash and insect bites to allergies to something in your environment. If your rash is severe or persistent then always seek your doctor's advice.

You may have contact dermatitis, meaning you are sensitive to something you have put on your skin.  Stop using all products for a few days. Once your skin has calmed down, you can try re-introducing products one at a time to see if the symptoms return. If you are able to identify the cause in this way, you can then eliminate it from your skincare regime.

Sensitivities may be caused by any product and may be worse if they contain synthetic chemicals, perfumes or parabens (a strong preservative).  So seek out natural products and also pay attention to using sulphate free washes and shampoos.  Try to also avoid detergents and washing powders/liquids that are not eco-friendly.

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