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I have eczema – what help is there?

Eczema is often triggered by stress and/or reactions to topical substances (allergic reactions).  Sometimes there can be genetic causes too.

Doctors often lump eczema under ‘dermatitis’ as the management of most skin irritations is similar.

It is easy to say ‘avoid stress’ but obviously in our modern world this is not possible.  However, use whatever stress busting techniques suit you – whether it be Yoga. a walk in the countryside,  or a glass of wine with friends!  Make sure that you make ‘unwind time’ for yourself or your child if you have a child suffering from this debilitating skin irritation.

Avoid harsh cleaning products, washing powders, shampoos and soaps.  Go for natural, ecologically friendly products that are free from synthetic chemicals.

A good emollient is vital as eczema dries the skin so much.  Use a paraffin free emollient, which does not irritate.  Our E-Natural cream has no paraffin or mineral oils or synthetic chemicals;  just sunflower oil, a special ‘lock in moisture’ crystal emulsifier, together with soothing chamomile.

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