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Can you heal a scar on your face?

Yes, although it will depend on the depth of the scar and how long it has been there.

A scientific study reported in 2003 The Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists Annual Congress Proceedings showed a significant improvement in the appearance of scars that were at least one year old after twice daily application of tamanu oil for nine weeks, with both scar length and width reducing in size.

Happily our Organic Miracle Worker contains a high percentage of tamanu oil (it's the second ingredient on the list, INCI name Calophyllum inophyllum seed oil). You could apply tamanu oil neat to the scar, as in the study above, but it is a very dark and highly scented oil which can stain clothes when applied neat. The smell is also not to everyone's taste! We have combined it with other incredible ingredients such as rosehip oil and cocoa butter to make a luxurious, effective award-winning cream.

It is also important to keep the scarred area protected from the sun, so always use a suitable SPF after your chosen moisturiser.

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