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Trial & Gift Packs

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Our Trial Packs and Gift Packs are ideal for first time buyers who want to try small amounts before committed to the full size products.  They are also great for travelling and make excellent gifts.

Although small in size most of the products in these packs will last from 1-2 weeks as our products are all highly concentrated and you need only a pea sized amount.  So unlike sachets, that just give you a single dose, which is not really enough to see if they benefit your skin, these will give you a good idea of how good these products are for your skin (and the planet)!

Many of these are in lovely mini airless pumps, also handy for carrying around in your handbag or pocket.

Those who are new to organic products sometimes take some time to adjust to the smell, as these products contain no perfumes. However, most grow to like the smell and all love the feel of their skin!

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