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Mother & Baby

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Our Mother & Baby Range is quite small, but is all that you need.  We believe that baby skin should be treated with the utmost respect as it is at least 5 times thinner than adult skin.  This means the skin barrier function is much less strong than adult skin. With increasing prematurity, there is increasing barrier dysfunction with higher transepidermal (evaporation from the skin)  water loss (TEWL) and increased  absorption of chemicals through the skin.

It has been demonstrated  that the use of emollients that enhance the skin barrier function helps reduce skin conditions by up to 40%.

Nappy Rash is a common irritation for babies and our ‘Happy Baby’ Nappy rash cream is a gentle and effective answer to this.  It is very helpful too for Mothers with sore or cracked nipples.

For babies with eczema or other dry skin conditions it best to avoid the use of soaps altogether, using moisturisers as a substitute when bathing, as well as applying them frequently at other times. Colder temperatures can also lead to excessively dry skin, at these times it may be necessary to wash less frequently and apply moisturiser more often.  Our E-Natural Cream is very useful for this condition is babies under 1 year old.  For older children our Rescue Salve is very effective.

For Mother’s our Stretch Mark Cream is very effective, being both preventative and curative and should be used during pregnancy and after.

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