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Facial Moisturisers

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Moisture is the most important thing for our skin.  Just as we cannot live without water for more than 3 days (we can live without food for up to 3 weeks), so our skin cannot live without moisture either.

A healthy 20 year old skin is 50% water and 50% fat.  Our moisturisers closely replicate this balance of fat and water, feeding your skin in the way that nature intended. (Most mainstream moisturisers contain between 80 to 95% water.)

The moisturiser you use is possibly the single most important factor for your skin, after, of course, keeping it clean.

ALL our moisturisers contain a special crystal structure that locks moisture in by day, whilst allowing the skin to breathe and all the bio-active ingredients work their magic.

We don’t use occlusive, ingredients which seal the skin and prevent it from breathing or  moisturising ingredients such as petrolatum or mineral oil that keep water from evaporating. We use natural crystal technology.  Nor do we use lubricating and thickening agents.  We use only ingredients that have a genuine benefit for your skin.

Always apply your moisturisers from bottom to top, and make sure you are rubbing it in gently, especially around the sensitive eye area. This way you are ‘lifting’ your skin and not dragging it as you apply it.

Night moisturising is very important too. This is when the cells are repairing themselves while you rest and sleep. During the night, our bodies lose a lot of water, so using a good night cream moisturiser will ensure you that your skin does not get too dehydrated throughout the night.
Many people need a richer moisturiser in winter than in Summer.  In Summer the skin tends to produce more sebum and be a little more oily and in the winter it becomes drier.

We have a wide selection of moisturisers suitable for all skin types.  All are 100% natural.  All are effective!  All have the special crystal ‘lock in moisture’ technology.

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