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Lip Care Natural & Organic

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We all want soft, healthy ‘kissable’ lips.  Beyond organic make 4 different lip balms, all organic for your lip care needs.

Remedy a chapped, cracked, or flaky pout with these 4 organic balms that soothe and soften skin naturally. Containing no petroleum products.  The Vanilla Lip Balm has the added extra of containing an anti-viral and so helps prevent and heal cold sores.  So if you are unfortunate enough to be prone to cold sores this Vanilla Lip Balm is a must to keep in your handbag.  The anti-viral is from all natural sources – an Alpine Rose extract which is actually part of the rhododendron, despite its name.

The others flavours to choose from are Mango and Lime – and for a touch of colour as well as flavour choose Strawberry or Chocolate.  These organic and vegetarian balms do not drag on the lips and are not too sweet, not too smelly, just soft and natural . Try one and you’ll want them all!

None of our balms contain animal products, petroleum derivatives, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colour.