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Why is natural skincare getting so popular?

There has been an alarming increase of people with skin sensitivities, dermatitis and conditions like eczema which has led dermatologists to recommend products without harsh preservatives and strong perfumes. Natural and organic skincare products usually contain gentle preservatives and often avoid perfumes all together. Avoiding products containing synthetic chemicals can benefit the skin, the health and the planet.

One preservative of particular concern to dermatologists is MIT (Methylisothiazolinone).  It has been banned by the EU as from 2017 in cosmetic leave on products, but has yet to be banned in rinse off products.  If you are outside the EU, check the regulations in your country and be very wary of this ingredient.

Recently consumers have also been advised to use products without paraffin or mineral oils in. These ingredients are not only skin sensitisers for some people, but have also resulted in  people accidentally setting themselves on fire as the paraffin has soaked into clothes and bedding, creating a flammable environment.

A good all-round moisturiser that does not contain paraffin or mineral oil is E-Natural Emollient Cream.

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