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What does ‘naturally derived’ and ‘nature identical’ mean?

What does ‘naturally derived’ and ‘nature identical’ mean?

In the UK & Europe and USA (in fact in most of the world) the word natural is not regulated so we see it being used on many different items, meaning many different things, making many different claims.  This can also be said for the term naturally derived and nature identical.  These terms have created an abundance of consumer confusion in the natural product marketplace.

Naturally derived basically means an ingredient that has come from nature originally but has been processed to make it into something a little different.  An example of this is a surfactant (lathering agent) is ‘derived’ from coconut oil and sugar.  So this ‘naturally derived’ ingredient is very far from its natural origins. Others can be closer to their origins,

Nature Identical is a product that has been created in the laboratory. Vitamins are ‘Nature identical’ as are micas.  These are usually good products that have been made in laboratory, usually because the plants they are available in are in short supply or just impossible to grow in large quantities without making the plant extinct.  A good example of this is salicylic acid.  This was originally discovered in White Willow Bark and is now created in a laboratory to make, among other things, Aspirin.

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