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Cosmetic ingredients that actually work

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(Retinoic acid is found naturally in the special natural oils that we use in our products) It is in Our Rejuvenating Serum, Moisturising Day Cream, Regenerating Night Cream,  Firming Eye Cream, Stretch Mark Cream, Lite & Brite, Ultra Radiance Day and Night Creams and Serum.

Another quote

A quote from ‘ Cosmetic Ingredients that Actually Work’
By Perry Romanowski, Industry Expert 3

Retinoic acid – Makes wrinkles go away
Anti-aging cosmetics are packed with compounds which are supposed to give you the skin of a teenager without the acne. They promise to make your wrinkles disappear with  things like:Enzymes, polyphenols (EU), flavonoids (EU), etc. The number of new antiaging materials is mind boggling. Unfortunately, almost none of them have actually been proven to work when delivered from a topical cosmetic formulation. You know what does work? Retinoic acid (EU). In fact, it works so well that it is approved as a prescription drug by the FDA for treatment against…wrinkles! This is the class of the anti-aging actives. Everything else are just unproven posers.


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