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Organic versus natural; what is the difference?

This is a question we get asked a lot – so we thought we would give you our simplest answer:

Apples are natural. They have not been man-made or synthesised. However, in the growing process they may have been sprayed with chemicals to prevent diseases, or fed with chemical fertilisers to increase yields.

An organic apple has had NO synthetic chemicals sprayed on it and the soil it is grown in has not had chemical fertilisers applied to it.

It is more expensive to grow the organic way because yields can be lower and sometimes the crop is lost to pests and diseases as they have not been sprayed with chemicals to prevent this. The plus side is that there are no traces of artificial chemicals in the end product.

Many people are choosing organic as we begin to understand how the build-up of  artificial chemicals affects our bodies.  By choosing organic, we also help the planet by reducing the overall chemical load and encouraging biodiversity. (Neonicotinioids, for example, are a class of insecticides that impact the central nervous system of insects. If it hurts bees, it also hurts us!)

Additionally, organic farming means higher levels of animal welfare, no GMO, lower global levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment – this means not just more bees but more wildlife.

You are choosing a better world as well as a healthier body when you choose organic. Do not forget the skin is the largest organ of the body so what you put onto your skin goes into your bloodstream (as with skin patches used to deliver drugs such a nicotine).  It is therefore equally important to use organic products, where possible, on your skin.

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