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My skin is sensitive – should I be using natural ingredients?

Yes, you are less likely to have a reaction to natural products, as they do not contain harsh preservatives, synthetic chemicals or perfumes.  However, beware; there are many products labelled as natural which contain non-natural ingredients.  Unfortunately there is no legislation in Europe, UK or USA at present preventing manufacturers from putting ‘Natural’ on the label when the product may contain only 1% natural ingredients!

Always read the ingredient list too which, by law, has to list the ingredients in their INCI name format (often these are Latin names, although not always). As space is often limited on packaging, there often isn't room to also list the common names as well as the INCI names, so ingredient lists can look quite daunting. Happily, many companies also list the common names on their webpages and a quick search of any INCI name will give you plenty of information.

If your skin is extremely sensitive then you may wish to consider specialist allergy testing, which will highlight ingredients for you to avoid.

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