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Labelling is confusing – how do I choose a good brand?

Look for transparency on the label by checking the ingredients. A label can use the words ‘natural’ and 'organic' but contain as little as 1% natural or organic ingredients! Therefore looking for a % of natural and organic ingredients is helpful.

If buying organic, look for a certification logo. There are several different companies able to certify skincare products as organic, for example Organic Farmers & growers and The Soil Association, and the logos vary for each. There is no single logo to look out for with skincare products as there is for food.

There is no legal requirement for  cosmetics to be certified organic. What does 'certified organic' mean? It means that every year, a qualified inspector visits a business and thoroughly examines all their ingredients, processes and manufacturing procedures. They check the organic certification of each ingredient so that you, the customer, can be sure that the ingredients are organic.

Unfortunately certification can be a costly and time consuming exercise. So there are some products that use genuinely organic ingredients that are not certified.  However, the ingredients listing will have the organic products starred* and may tell you the percentage of organic ingredients used.

Certified organic products are allowed non-organic ingredients in them too because not all ingredients are available in an organic form (water, for example, is just one ingredient that cannot be classified as organic and there are hundreds more). However, when choosing certified organic products, you know that every ingredient, organic or not, conforms to rigorous standards.

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