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How do I tell if a product is natural?

Unfortunately there is no legislation currently that prevents manufacturers from labelling their product ‘natural’ even if it only has a minimal amount of natural ingredients and the remaining ingredients are far from natural. Therefore the names of products alone, or the word 'natural' on the label are not the best ways to tell.

Instead, look for one or all of the following:

  • organic or natural certification
  • honesty in the labels with a % of natural/organic ingredients given
  • the ingredient listings

We know the INCI names (more or less Latin names) can be complicated but according to EU Cosmetic Laws, they have to be listed in this way.   However, it is fairly easy to spot the ‘nasties’ and avoid them. For more information on ingredients that you may wish to avoid, read our blog about this.

We always label our products with the percentage of organic and natural ingredients for ease. Our entire range is 100% natural, with the exception of the shampoo range as these require lathering agents.

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