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A Simple Skin Care Regime For Tweens

Natural & Organic Skincare for Tweens

It’s never too soon to start a simple skin care regime.  This will ensure your skin remains supple and healthy with the minimum amount of lines well into maturity.

Morning Skincare

In the morning start with a basic routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising.

Cleanse, using a simple cleanser like our Natural Foaming Cleanser*, or if you are prone to spots our Purifying Cleanser.

Cleansing thoroughly is essential. Don’t skimp! Bacteria love to feed on the oil your body’s sebaceous glands naturally produce, including on your face.

Oil production increases during puberty. Washing helps eliminate that oil and thus the bacteria. Gross, yes, but get rid of it!

Do cleanse thoroughly again after sports, and any other ‘sweaty’ activity.  Cleanse gently, but thoroughly, don’t scrub.

Don’t forget to tone.  This closes the pores after using warm water and will help to minimise the possibility of you developing open pores as you get older.  Good toners are the Natural Calming Toner, or the Clarifying Toner.  Follow with the Light 24 Hour Moisturiser.  This will help keep your skin hydrated and guard against pollution.

skincare for tweens

Evening Skincare

In the evening just a cleanse and tone is sufficient.  At your age your skin repair system works well enough on its own at night and you shouldn’t need extra moisturisation.  It is better to let your natural repair system do its own job.

If you are prone to acne, also see previous blog on this:

The importance of using natural and organic cannot be over-stressed.  Chemicals in cosmetics have scary and far-reaching effects on your body.  Over time, these build up.  So if you never use them, you won’t get the chemical build up with all the problems attached.  I wrote in detail about this in my article on Toxic Beauty.

More and more chemicals can be measured in people’s blood, urine, saliva and even breast milk. This is called biomonitoring, and it offers an opportunity to better understand peoples’ exposures to chemicals and mixtures of chemicals.

A number of striking studies have shown that the man-made chemicals in our environment and in consumer products—including cosmetics—are making their way into our bodies. Many of the chemicals found in cosmetics are absorbed by the skin into the body, and can be detected in blood or urine.

The length of time chemicals remain in the body varies from chemical to chemical and ranges from hours to decades. For chemicals that are excreted quickly, the fact that we can so consistently measure them indicates continual exposures that may have long-term effects on health.

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