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At what age should I start looking after my skin?

You need to really start looking after your skin in your early teens as this is an age that can be prone to spots and break outs due to hormonal changes. Developing a good skin care routine early on could help lessen, or even prevent this. A simple cleansing routine that fits easily into a teenager's day is the minimum! We recommend our foaming cleansers, as these are easily applied onto wet skin and rinsed off whilst showering. Cleansing is really important to remove the skin of any excess sebum and dirt so that it does not go on to clog pores and cause spots. Over cleansing the skin with harsh products will only exacerbate the problem by causing your skin to produce more oil to compensate for drying it out, so be sure to use gentle products! Similarly, you may wish to apply a light moisturiser after cleansing to moisturise with our blocking the pores, or a treatment product if you are suffering from breakouts.

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