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Organic Skincare That Works

organic skin care

Firstly, I believe that genuinely organic skincare works better than non-organic as it is more readily absorbed into the skin, than formulations that are predominantly made up of man-made chemicals.  Your skin and body ‘recognise’ the natural goodness and react – almost saying, ‘Yes please, we like this!'  However, some companies do think ‘organic first, efficacy later’ and do not spend the extra on research and ingredients that really nurture your skin.

At Beyond Organic Skincare we have always put performance of our products in the first line of importance.  Thus we say: ‘Purity with Performance’.

The Importance Of Organic Ingredients For Your Overall Health

Do remember what you put on your skin goes into your system.  You only have to think how effective skin patches are to realise this.  You wouldn’t eat an apple that had been sprayed with glyphosate.  The same should apply to what you use on your face and body.  And don’t just think about skin creams – think about your whole personal care regime – shampoo, deodorant, hand wash, shower gel – these are all going into your system, when your body is warm from the shower and your pores are open.

However, buyer beware– there is no legislation preventing manufacturers labelling their products ‘Organic’ when they may just have 1% organic ingredients and the remainder can be full of nasties – including parabens.

So DO take a little time and look at the ingredients – or look for Certified organic products.

I have been shocked looking around Health Food Stores to see that the labels and marketing sometimes fool even the dedicated owners in these wonderful places.  I have found ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products containing some of the worst ingredients.  Many of these are banned in Japan and other more enlightened places, but unfortunately the UK and USA still insists that parabens are ‘safe’ in small levels despite the fact that 98% of breast tumours contain parabens!  However, none of the global organic standards allow the use of parabens.

What To Look For In An "Organic" Skin Care Product Range

To find organic skincare that really works, firstly check the label.  Then look for:

  • Companies that have integrity and commitment.
  • Transparency, for example where the exact percentage of organic ingredients is clearly displayed. (We display this on all our product labels and on our website). None of our organic products are less than 87% organic and many are 100%. However ALL our products ARE 100% natural with no synthetic chemicals at all.
  • If you are a Vegetarian or Vegan these products are also clearly labelled on our website.
  • Has the company received any awards? (Beyond Organic have received 31 awards at the moment and are still counting!)
  • Look for products that are ethically as well as organically sourced. We at Beyond Organic do not use any palm oil, not even so called sustainable oil, and our products work!

Converting to organic skin products can appear to be confusing and expensive.  However, once you start using genuine organic products, and seeing how well they work for you skin and your health, I believe you won’t look back!

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