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Are organic products more ethical than their non-organic counterparts?

Most certainly.  It has to be more ethical if you are not killing bees with pesticides and ruining the soil with fertilisers. No organic products can contain growth promoting hormones either, which are bad not only for the animals but for us to in the long run as we get a build-up of these trace hormones in our own systems.

Additionally, most organic companies are very environmentally aware and use recyclable packaging, reduce waste and the use of plastics, carbon waste, etc.

How do I know if a product is certified organic?

Most companies that hold organic certification state this clearly on their website, indicating which products are certified and which are not. They are understandably proud of this, so are not going to hide it!

Also, there is usually a logo on their products displaying ‘certified organic’; although in a few cases there may not be room for this logo or symbol.  Our Seabuckthorn Range is certified with Organic Farmers & Growers in the UK and this is the symbol we display on our certified organic products:

If you are in doubt about a particular certification you can ask to see a copy of a company's organic certificate.

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