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Anti-Pollution Skincare

By Beyond Organic | 11th November 2016 |

ANTI-POLLUTION SKINCARE #Anti-pollution skincare is the new buzz word at the moment.  What does it mean? It just means skin care products that are high in anti-oxidants (and therefore protect your skin from free-radicals and pollution and help to repair it too). Also products that are high in vitamins (especially Vitamin E) and moisturising properties.…

Natural Skincare for Acne

Natural Skincare for Acne

By Beyond Organic | 4th October 2016 |

TIPS for treating Acne The important thing is to avoid washing your face with your fingers: you might have bacteria under your nails that can spread to your face, and you won’t get enough exfoliation. So, along with our Purifying Cleanser, we recommend using a cleansing face brush.  They are fantastic, but If you don’t…

natural treatment for eczema

Organic Skincare for Eczema

By Beyond Organic | 26th September 2016 |

Top tips for Eczema and sensitive skin. We all know how distressing Eczema and other skin irritations are.   First up, these can often be stress related, so try some of your favourite stress busters.  Take a walk in the countryside, relax and laugh with a good friend, take a relaxing bath, breathe slowly and deeply.…


Micro-beads and other Nasties

By Beyond Organic | 9th September 2016 |

Microbeads and other Nasties Microbeads are in the news at the moment, so I thought I should blog about them. Firstly let me reassure you that NONE of our products contain them.  (Our Gentle Facial Exfoliator contains ground almonds – yummy!). I am glad that the Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom announced a plan to ban microbeads from…

Clean Living & Organic September

What’s The Fuss About Clean Living And Clean Beauty?

By Beyond Organic | 2nd September 2016 |

Hello my lovelies!  We are celebrating Organic September, Clean Living and Clean Beauty this month.  Clean Living is the ‘buzz word’ of the moment – so I thought I should write about it. Clean Living is very similar to Organic eating with the exception of cutting out gluten (more about this later!).  Essentially it’s about…

Eat these for a healthy skin

Top Dietary Tips For Healthy Skin At Any Age

By Beyond Organic | 26th August 2016 |

The following is an extract from an article by the well-known Dr. Mercola, who kindly recommends our products, and like us, is a great fan of Sea-buckthorn for the skin and general health.  “Top Dietary Tips for Healthy Skin at Any Age Ideally, your skin care regimen should include steps to address your skin health…

Rescue Salve

The difference between oils, balms and creams

By Beyond Organic | 19th August 2016 |

I am writing this as Summer beach weather settles over Cornwall and nature gives us an abundance of brilliance to delight our senses. A good time to think about extra moisturisation for the face and body as the sun and outdoors can be so drying. So what are the basic differences between an oil, a…

Feed your skin from Without and Within

By Beyond Organic | 11th August 2016 |

Feed your skin from without and within! Many foods, which provide skin-boosting nutrients when you include them in your diet, are also great when applied directly to the skin. Macadamia nuts are a good example. Grown in tropical climates across the globe, these delicious nuts provide plenty of monounsaturated fatty acids, which lower cholesterol and…

Toxic Beauty?

By Beyond Organic | 5th August 2016 |

Toxic Beauty? Ingredients to Avoid in your skincare, shampoo, toothpaste etc. Dawn Mellowship wrote a very extensive book on this subject, but here is a precis. (Dawn kindly mentioned our company in her book as being one with safe and pure ingredients). Here is a basic list of ingredients that we tend to avoid and…

Cornish Coastal living

Why Organic and Natural?

By Beyond Organic | 28th July 2016 |

The skin is the largest organ in the body and what you put on it is absorbed into your system. If you have changed to organic eating habits, or just like to eat healthy food you might be wondering about an organic and natural solution for skin care. Using organic skincare can be compared with…

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