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How can I stop my skin breaking out?

If you are prone to teenage acne, there are many things you can do to help, but nothing will totally prevent the occasional break-out, as this could be due to hormonal changes going on in your body and will end naturally once your hormones are balanced again.

Cleanse, using a simple cleanser like our Purifying Cleanser.

Cleansing thoroughly is essential. Don’t skimp! Bacteria love to feed on the oil your body’s sebaceous glands naturally produce, including on your face.

Oil production increases during puberty. Washing helps eliminate that oil and thus the bacteria.

Do cleanse thoroughly again after sports, and any other ‘sweaty’ activity.  Cleanse gently, but thoroughly, don’t scrub.

Don’t forget to tone.  This closes the pores after using warm water and will help to minimise the possibility of you developing open pores, as you get older.  Good toners are the Clarifying Toner.  Follow with a light moisturiser or a gel for acne.  This will help keep your skin hydrated and guard against pollution.

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