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Can I have a test to see if my skin is sensitive and why?

If you are not sure if your skin is sensitive, it probably isn’t.  Those with sensitive skin suffer regular irritations, dermatitis, eczema flare-ups and the like.  If you are sensitive your GP may refer you to a skin specialist to test for allergies, but with NHS budget cuts, he or she is only likely to do this if you have severe problems.  There are many skin clinics that perform these tests, but you would have to pay privately.

Also, if you are worried about a particular product, you can do your own patch test. To perform a patch test, apply a small amount of the product to a non-inflamed area of skin in a discreet place, either behind the ear or the inside of your elbow are good places.  Then wait for 24 hours.  If you have no reaction (redness, itchiness or swelling) the product is likely to be suitable for you.

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