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Anti-Pollution Skincare

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#Anti-pollution skincare is the new buzz word at the moment.  What does it mean?

It just means skin care products that are high in anti-oxidants (and therefore protect your skin from free-radicals and pollution and help to repair it too). Also products that are high in vitamins (especially Vitamin E) and moisturising properties. Needless to say, our products have these in abundance!

Pollution can cause the skin to increase its sebum production in an attempt to counteract the drying effects and weakened defence mechanisms that occur to you skin.  So you end up with dull looking skin that has lost its radiance.  This is not just a fad.  Pollution really reeks havoc with your skin!

Pollutants are very diverse, from some airborne components such as Ozone or Nitrogen Dioxide to industrial residues such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and nanoparticles. The effect that these pollutants can have on the skin depends of course on the daily environmental exposure. This exposure will vary from location to location and between individuals.

However, if you live in a large polluted city then it is very likely that your skin is being exposed to significant pollution every single day. Researchers have found the following effects of pollution on the skin:

  • Ozone in photochemical smog appears to speed up skin ageing, by depleting Vitamin E levels in the skin, interfering with wound-healing processes and causing oxidative stress.
  • Skin exposed to pollution areas experiences a higher sebum secretion rate, when compared to non-polluted areas.
  • There is a tendency of the cutaneous pH to decrease when exposed to pollution. One study found a higher a significantly higher amount of lactic acid in the skin in polluted areas compared to non-polluted areas.
  • Squalene and vitamin E are the main antioxidants at the surface of the skin. Squalene is decreased in polluted areas, as this antioxidant is mobilised to combat oxidative stress in the skin. Low values of both these two antioxidants is normally associated with dry skin which may be a side effect of pollution.
  • Cholesterol in the skin is decreased when exposed to pollution.

This used to be considered a problem only in Asia, but apparently central London has the highest Nitrogen Dioxide concentrations in the world, (Independent 2015).  If you live in any city, it is a good idea to cleanse you face as soon as you get home – don’t wait until bedtime to do it.

What Products Can Help My Skin Against The Effects Of Pollution?

So what products do you need?  Those that are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.  Beyond Organic Skincare products have always been jam-packed with these properties.  Our products are extremely popular in Asia, where the pollution levels are really high.

So which particular products to choose?  Basically everything from our Sea-Buckthorn range

We would particularly recommend our Organic Moisturising Day Cream for daytime protection. Pollutants take moisture from your skin and this product with it’s special crystal lock in moisture system, together with with masses of anti-oxidants is a real help.

Also for combination skin our Rejuvenating Serum balances the serum so is good for both oily and dry skin.

Cleansing should be the foundation of all skin care and our Detoxifying Cleanser, combined with a twice weekly use of our Gentle Facial Exfoliator will help to keep you skin glowing no matter what the conditions. Oil based cleansing products are particularly good for pollution protection.

A balancing toner is also very important.  Our Soothing Toner can also be carried in your handbag for a quick spritz and wipe with a tissue or cotton pad during the day (or keep it in your office drawer). Frequent mild cleansing during the day will also help.

For night time and to combat dryness our Regenerating Night Cream is a definite hero.


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